Comprehensive solutions for DICOM images

Fully automated recording, printing, import and export robots.

All you need to manage your DICOM images

High-quality, high-reliability industrial robots capable of withstand the toughest working pressures.

Copy and Print

This operation is carried out completely automatically. As in a paper printer the work orders are initiated directly from a workstation.


Complete solution consisting of 2 Blu-ray recorders and software. The latter has the function of checking the data bank in order to search the new DICOM data it finds.


Import without difficulty the data and images in DICOM format of your patients contained in various storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, USB and SD cards to your PACS.

We transform ideas into our work

We develop a wide range of applications that connect our robots to existing software structures.

German manufacturer of fully automatic CD / DVD / Blu-Ray recording and printing robots, now present in Malta.

We created the first DICOM interfaces to link to our robots. As one of three Epson distributors in Germany we quickly notice that the DiscProducer series from EPSON offers the best conditions for working in clinics and hospitals.

Since 2012 we have four interesting solutions in the area of DICOM images,Discus ProducerDiscus Importer, Discus Backup y Discus Ripster in our portfolio.

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Our products

Complete solution for the recording, printing, export and digital importation of DICOM images in clinics and hospitals to and from the PACS. (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

Dicom Media Producer ©

The best robot DICOM recorder.

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DISCUS DMC. Import ©

CDs / DVDs / USB / SD Import .

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Dicom Media Back Up ©

Create automatic backups.

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DICOM Images,
What are they?

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is the globally recognized standard for the exchange of medical data, reports, images or videos.
DICOM standardizes both the data storage format as well as the communication protocol for its exchange.

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Meet our team

Our network of sales, support and services covers all continents.

Dr. Leandro F. Ramos
Dr. Leandro F. Ramos
Manager América
Marcelo López
Marcelo López
Manager Europe

Contact Us


Of.2, Crystal Court, Evelyn Bonaci St., Swatar, Malta


Phone:+356 2034 1623

Mobile:+356 7762 0011



We have an extensive network of distributors, we deliver internationally.

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