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Create automatic backups.

We are convinced, that a secure archiving of data, necessarily passes for its physical storage in the server and this also in double way.

Filing in expensive Silent-Cubes faces tough tests in case of fire, theft or vandalism. While it is true that such scenarios do not occur every day, they can not be completely ignored.

Our long-term archiving solution is based on a complete hardware solution, 2 Blu-ray recorders and software.


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The latter has the function to review, in any interval of time, the data bank of the PACS server determined in order to search the new DICOM data that it finds.

Once the pre-set data volume is reached, the system will double-secure them to a 100GB Blu-ray XL disc with one copy. Long-term archiving media are shipped in a prepared manner.

You will receive, along with the proper labeling and file number, a written Index of data for automatic recognition in the system. The software accesses current data on any PACS server in order to be able to save them to a Blu-ray disc.

The program transcends as follows:

1. Periodic consultation through DICOM Query / Retrieve, if there are new DICOM series.

1.1. The time interval of the queries is adjustable (from 10 minutes to 24 hours)
1.2. The minimum age of the series is adjustable (from 5 to 30 minutes) - this prevents DICOM series from being incompletely stored in a medium.

2. Download the newest series through DICOM GET or MOVE, that is, you can configure if you want to use GET or MOVE. If you choose MOVE, the program only accepts connections from the configured PACS, so other modes or DICOM Viewer can not send data for archiving. Little Endian Explicit is used as the only transference language.
3. The data accumulates at a capacity or time limit. This will store all data that, for example, is more than one day old and / or is larger than 80% of Blu-ray.
4. Once the established limit is reached, the data is recorded on the Blu-ray and the reference data is recorded in a data bank.
5. During recording you can search and download other data from the PACS.

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