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CDs / DVDs / USB / SD Import .

Import without difficulty the data and diagnostic images in DICOM format of your patients contained in various storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, USB and SD cards to your PACS.

In order to avoid incoming data or harmful software, images are not only copied but first controlled by the DICOM Store-SCP Gateways and then transferred to the internal hard disk. In this way the DICOM compatibility of each of the images is checked in an automatic and fast process during the import. The transfer to the PACS is realized in mode of DICOM Protocol C-Store.

Import DICOM images without wasting time.

The DISCUS DMC-Importer was not conceived as a centralized automatic solution. This is because many patients go directly to the receptions of the different medical units and deliver the digital information that they bring with them.

Discus Importer

With the manual solution DISCUS can be imported directly and quickly to any receiving computer, including the transfer of information to the PACS having previously taken the patient data through DICOM Worklist or HL7 / GDT from the RIS or KIS.

When you insert the respective media, the import is automatically started to the internal hard disk of the DISCUS DMC-Import System. Imported patient data are displayed on the monitor and can be easily and quickly archived or sent to a temporary DICOM folder. The DICOM WORKLIST, GDT and HL7 interfaces can be optionally purchased. With this, the data corresponding to each patient can be modified to RIS information with a simple click before being sent quickly and easily to the PACS. This ensures the correct transfer of data to the PACS.


Dicom importer


The DISCUS DMC-Import System is delivered as a Plug & Play web solution, consisting of a Headless Micro-PC with CD / DVD reader integrated with Slot-in technology. The user (s) have full access to the system with all common browsers. Access can be regulated or restricted through a user registry.

The DISCUS DMC-Import system is a high-performance and easy-to-use tool for importing and saving medical studies in DICOM format with images and diagnostic reports in network environments.

With the help of the DICOM Worklist, HL7 or GDT modules, patient data can be consulted to edit previously imported images. Data that is related to each other is automatically suggested. If the patient in question is not yet registered in the local RIS or PACS, the imported data can be adopted or corrected manually.

The DISCUS Dicom Media Import system can be installed everywhere, at every workstation in the network and can be operated by any standard Web-Browser.

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