Dicom Media Producer ©

The best robot DICOM recorder.

This operation is performed completely automatically, as with a paper printer, work orders are started directly from the workstation.

No user intervention is required in the standard operating mode.

DISCUS systems are professional, high-performance, reliable and scalable when required.

Record and print patient DICOM images on CDs / DVDs / Blu-Rays.

Generate DICOM-compliant patient CDs / DVDs / BluRays for clinical, imaging reports securely, reliably and quickly.

Discus Producer

The patient data carrier is created completely automatically and printed individually with the corresponding label, which makes it unmistakable. Each of the media created contains the corresponding medical images as well as the DICOM visualization software (user preference choice).

DISCUS DICOM MEDIA CENTER © systems are available in different levels of expansion and if necessary can be configured with multiple DICOM servers, so orders from different departments can be processed separately and independently using only one EPSON recording or print.

Discus Producer

The DISCUS systems are units in DICOM SCP storage network, which receive the network commands from each DICOM workstation or directly from each mode with DICOM Store SCU Class. The EPSON robotic recording and printing system reliably and securely processes up to 5 work orders simultaneously.

The complete solution for generating medical diagnostic consists of:

• DISCUS Dicom Media Center© SERVER Serie
• EPSON Discproducer PP-50, PP-100 II ó PP-100N, each with revolutionary technology Epson AcuGrip™!

All this offers the DISCUS Dicom Media Center © - PRODUCER with reasonable acquisition costs and low consumption costs.

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