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Mass file import.

Automatic import station for DICOM optical storage devices.

DISCUS Ripster is the solution for bulk import of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray with data in DICOM format. Equipped with 1 to 10 recorders, DISCUS Ripster is a reliable machine to automatically import a large number of DICOM optical media into your PACS.

Our customers save with this the manual reading of sometimes thousands of storage devices, with the costs in time and personnel that this implies.

Discus Ripster

The robot automatically transfers the data to a specific sector of the PACS or to a NAS. If desired it is possible to modify some DICOM-Header (eg Prefix "CD_" before the patient ID).

With the complete adoption of the data the software modifies the Header with the own organizational data based on the information donated to the DICOM Modality-Worklist or the HL7 news.

All this is obviously managed in accordance with the IHE-Profils Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF).

In combination with our management software you can integrate the Importer robot without any inconvenience to any PACS.

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